Pc Technician

I've always had a passion for technology

This led me to build my own computers from a young age.
Aswell as how to work with multiple operating systems and how to resolve most issues i came across.
Resulting in me choosing studies in that field
(E-lab , Applied Informatics, Cisco IT-essentials, ...)
I started learning some basic web languages (html, php, javascript, css) to build websites on my own, and later CMS systems like Wordpress and Joomla. I also learned to manage and work with Citrix, openERP, Msoft and various other packages used in buisness environments.
I've worked for multiple computer repair buisnesses analyzing & fixing hardware, software & network problems before gaining a position at the ICT department of my current employer doing network management working with Windows server, Citrix, AD and acting as internal helpdesk.
Currently however i moved to a different departement, and am working as a administrative assistent.

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