Pc Technician

Computers & Electronic Gadgets have always been my passion.

Whether it was messing about with commands or playing donkey kong from a floppy on a black & orange monitor computers mesmerized me from a young age.

Later I started learning about hardware and building my own aswell as installing and working with multiple operating Systems & figuring out how to fix any problem I or anyone near me came across.

When I was 12 I started going to lanparties & meeting people with similar interests and learning some networking basics inbetween games of counterstrike.

I also learned the basics of some web languages (html, php, javascript, css) and started building my own, be it for myself, our clan, a local radio station, etc.

Later learning & switching to CMS systems such as Joomla & Wordpress.

Eventually I Studied E-Lab a Pc Technician course based on analyzing & fixing hardware, software & network problems. I also successfully completed the Cisco IT-essentials course during that time.