Since March 2020 i've decided to change my lifestyle

This started by drastically change my diet as i've switched from a typical high carb eating pattern to a somewhat strict low-carb keto, medium to low proteïn, high fat diet with a strict limit on carbs (20g) and proteïn (65g) and no real limit on fats (but i attempt to eat acording to my TDEE.

At the time of writing i have not only lost significant weight (dropping from 115kg to 69kg at the time of writing), but also feel alot healthier, have no more cravings, am a lot less tired/fatigued and best of all i can enjoy all my delicious meals.

As a result i also became more active as i now frequently go for a swim or a short hike.

But above all i've gained some significant cooking skills.

If you wish you can follow along on my journey (and especially my plate) on instagram
I also plan to eventually develop the domain and filling it with useful resources aswell as refering to various studies about this lifestyle.

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