I've always had a passion for technology

From a young age, I loved tinkering with computers and building my own.
I started to go to lanparties when i was 12.
I learned to use various operating systems and how to resolve the issues I came across.
I taught myself some web language basics ( HTML, PHP, JS, CSS) to start building websites, later on using CMS systems such as Joomla and WordPress.
This all led me to continue my studies in this field (PC Technician, E-Lab, Cisco IT-Essentials, Applied Informatics, etc) and working in a few computer repair businesses where I would diagnose and fix hardware and software issues as well as assemble new systems.
I’ve also supported 2 radio stations through the years (see Radio) including the broadcast server (Carmen Broadcasting) and migrating multiple legacy machines to an ESXI server.
After this, I ended up in a company IT department where we mostly managed users as well as supporting them with various software packages ( Citrix, OpenERP, Msoft, MS Office, …) and some limited network management.
Currently i’m working as a Support Engineer for an IT consultancy firm and am exited for the new challenges coming my way.

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