I’ve been involved in crypto since 2011.

If you’re one of those people looking to “invest” in crypto in the hopes to get rich I’m sorry but you’re knocking on the wrong door.

If however, you are looking to learn more about the history and technology behind crypto and how to use it in your daily life and gain more independence from banks and the state, then by all means ask or join one of the meetups.
I still believe in the original vision as described in the original whitepaper by Satoshi.
 The focus should be to create money for the world. Unfortunately, this no longer applies to bitcoin BTC since Gavin (the former lead dev) was kicked out and BTC development (or lack thereof) was co-opted by Blockstream and neutered.
Luckily Bitcoin as money survived as BitcoinCash (BCH).
Not only does BitcoinCash (BCH) continue Bitcoin as it was intended, increasing the block size and efficiency and keeping the transaction fees permanently below 2 cents.
 But also adding a lot of impressive new tech such as : 
 Cashshuffle, Cashfusion and Reusable Payment Adresses for privacy.
 The SLP protocol for minting & distributing tokens as well as the easy payment of dividends.
The SmartBCH sidechain that is completely compatible with Ethereum smart contracts but at a fraction of the cost.
 And so much more...
But above all it is focused on mass adoption as cash,
 making you able to actually spend it at a lot of online and physical stores around the world.
The goal remains to create a complete ecosystem so you never again have to go back to fiat currencies.

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