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Anarcho-Capitalist, Secular Humanist, Knowledge Junkie.

I consider myself a anarcho-capitalistic/voluntaryist secular humanist and a very social person who loves to travel & dance in nature with my friends.

I'm Non-religious, a big believer in the non-aggression principle and helping eachother building a better world.
I believe that people are intrinsically good and am of the opinion that the world would be a lot better off without religion's poisonous grip on society.
For some reading on the subject i'd like to point to the works of :
Christopher Hitchens (such as Religion Poisons Everything & God is not great), Sam Harris (The End of Faith, Waking Up) , Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion) and Dr. Darrel Ray (The God Virus) to name a few.
I believe we as people are better off to build our own world & destiny without rulers,
and no-one should be entitled to hurt, harm, steal, ... from anyone else.
I love to learn new random things that catch my interest, and have a habbit to keep learning about them until my hunger is quenched, even tho that knowledge isn't always usefull or applicable to my own life ... (religion, rollercoasters, ...).

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